5 Stair Training Exercises: get a workout when traveling in your hotel stairwell (or any stairwell)

Here is a quick video my training partner, Kyle Battis, and I shot in our hotel stairwell in Stamford, CT. We went to a fitness professional conference a few weeks ago, and decided to exercise every morning before the seminar presentations began. These 5 stair exercises can be performed on any stair case, even if it’s only a few steps. Enjoy!

Workouts for Travellers

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  1. LOVE these exercise John…bet you felt weird doing them :-)


  2. Thanks Natalie! nope, didn’t feel weird. It probably helped that Kyle and I were the only ones using the stairs when we filmed. But that’s usually the case in hotel stairways. Thanks again for checking in – I’m glad you like the exercises.

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