7 Fitness Shortcuts That Actually Work

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fitness shortcuts - woman doing bicycle crunches

If you’re looking for some health and fitness shortcuts that actually work, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best…

  1. Cover your bases. Set goals, make a plan, have a plan B, and get whatever support you need to keep going when the going gets tough.
  2. Work harder than you have in the past. Get and stay out of your comfort zone.
  3. Be consistent. Stick with your plan long enough to see results. Finish what you start.
  4. Manage your time like a boss. Become the CEO of your life. Have your days and weeks planned. Cut out the non-essential, and don’t let low priority tasks supersede higher ones.
  5. Don’t let the winds of life blow you off course. When “life happens,” adjust your sails to both deal with the current situation and also get you back on course.
  6. Hire a professional. When all else fails, get the help you need from someone who knows best instead of trying to “wing it” on your own.
  7. Stop looking for shortcuts. Shortcuts might work when you’re driving, but they rarely work when you’re training. So, start doing what works – what’s always worked, and what will continue to work: the tried-and-true basics. They’ll get your further, faster, and for longer than any quick tips, hacks, or shortcuts ever will.

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