Physical Living is an update of the original Real World Strength Training website found at What began as a personal blogging hobby has now become a more refined resource for information regarding a physically-focused lifestyle.

Real World Strength Training was established to explore and discuss strength and conditioning methods specifically. What I quickly discovered is that it’s difficult to discuss S&C without being in context with the rest of a physical lifestyle. Everything is connected so that one lifestyle factor will greatly affect the conditions of a fitness program. Strength and conditioning, and even fitness, are only a small part of what is important when it comes to a physical lifestyle – and therefore, it’s important to discuss these topics accordingly.

Therefore, Physical Living will incorporate a much more holistic viewpoint on health and fitness. Such topics may include:

  • Health-first fitness training methods for common fat loss, muscle building, and strength goals (based on the Circular Strength Training system)
  • Tasty and nutritious recipes to make eating a delight to be enjoyed
  • Natural movement education and training and how it differs from fitness training (inspired by MovNat)
  • The Power of Playing, plus Fostering Creativity and Innovation
  • Probing questions about Mind-Body-Spirit connections
  • Comparing Slow Food and Slow Fitness methods with Modern Day conveniences
  • The Mental and Emotional Elements of a Physical Lifestyle
  • Social and Community Discussions pertaining to Physical Living
  • Physical Culture and How to Change Your Community
  • Making Physical Living work for you
  • and much more!

There are many blogposts stored away in the archives, so feel free to poke around to find something you’re interested in.

If you’d like to learn more about the man behind the mission, visit the About John Sifferman page.

Or, read about The Cause for Physical Living.