This site is meant to inform, educate, connect, inspire, empower, and lead you to a more fulfilling lifestyle through the active pursuit of physical living.

Modern innovation and technology are having catastrophic effects on the health of your average American. We live in a day and age of such over-abundance that it is actually decreasing our quality of life. Conventional wisdom has proven itself to be outdated and ineffective for solving the health crisis we’re facing today. Put simply, there is a lot of garbage being touted as a revolutionary solution to modern health problems – when, in reality, it’s usually a quick-fix that won’t last or a completely useless offering meant for increasing profit rather than helping people.

The principles and practices for living an abundantly healthy lifestyle have been preserved by fringe groups of people that hold little weight with the mainstream population. Not only that, these groups often argue about the validity of their competitors methods, causing an uproar of confusion to the uneducated about whose method is the best.

The good news is that even with the massive crisis we are facing, the solution for individuals is really quite simple. If one were to take responsibility for their own health, and find the universal principles and practices that have proven themselves time-and-time-again to improve health, fitness, and athleticism, then most of the health problems we are facing would vanish in the lives of those who adopt a physically-focused lifestyle.

So, with a problem so vast, and a solution so simple and readily available, why does a website about Physical Living even exist?

To change your perception – not only of what physical living is like, but what it can be like.

When asked about why I make my health a priority – why I exercise, why I cook nutritious meals, why I’d rather spend time on an outdoor adventure than indoors “being entertained,” the response I often give is a question, “why do artists create? why do musicians play? why do children pretend?”

Because they love doing so.

If I could use this website to help you with one thing – just one thing – it would be to help you fall in love with physical living. Love inspires so many things: passion, creativity, innovation, discipline, and consistency, among so many others. It’s like an endless energy reserve waiting to be tapped into and constantly renewed.

One of the most encouraging things about love is that it’s contagious. If both you and I are doing our jobs right, then our own love for physical living will inspire and empower others to seek their own expression of a physical lifestyle. And that socio-chemical reaction can spread like wildfire – one person and one community at a time.

And the truth is, the physical living revolution has already started, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

7 Ways to Support the Cause for Physical Living

There are so many ways to support The Cause For Physical Living, and you’re already doing one by visiting this site.

1) Commit to making sustainable lifestyle changes long-term. As I’ve said before, passion is contagious. All you really need to do to support The Cause For Physical Living is commit to improving your lifestyle. People will notice, trust me. They may oppose you at first, but they’ll come around eventually. The positive changes you make and the benefits that you experience will lure others into your sphere of influence naturally. (This one should be required for all Physical Living readers!)

2) Use the Contact Us Form to introduce yourself. I’d love to hear from you! If you’re a professional or an expert in anything related to physical living, I’d be open to discussing featuring a content piece about you and what you do.* Even if you’re not an expert, please send me a message just to introduce yourself and tell me your story.

3) Participate in the Physical Living Community. There are so many archived blogposts regarding a large variety of topics, and I’d love for you to dive right in and find something that can help you immediately. And of course, I cherish any and all comments – whether praise or criticism.

4) Start a website of your own. It’s so easy to start a website today – you can literally have a WordPress blog up in minutes. If you have a passion for physical living, then what better way to spread it freely to anyone in the world?

5) Join a local group that is interested in physical living. You would probably be surprised at how many options there are for those interested in a community service for physical living. You can join a gym, sign up for martial arts or dance lessons, or join a cooking club. I live in a small town in New England. So, I know these things aren’t always easy to find, but trust me – they are out there. And there’s nothing better than getting together with a group of people with similar interests and sharing in the simple joys of life.

6) Start your own physical hobby group meet-up. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in a community service, then start your own. This way you can do it on your terms and on your schedule. It can be a Saturday morning dog walking group, or a Wednesday night cooking party, or a monthly hiking trip. If you can choose to make physical living an active part of your lifestyle, why not invite others to join you?

7) Donate any amount to Physical Living. All websites have expenses, and all websites involve a lot of time and resources. If you’d like to donate to Physical Living Dot Com, then feel free to send a payment of any amount via PayPal.

* I’m not interested in featuring guest posts about supplements, drugs, fat burners, odd fitness gadgets (or practically anything else that is sold via infomercial for that matter). If you contact me, and I get any hint of commercial motivation or spam content, I will promptly delete your email. I have a zero tolerance policy for spam, and delete these messages by the thousands!

** You get bonus points for doing 3 or more of the suggestions above :)