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As you may have already seen, I announced last week that I am planning to develop a fitness product for you. After over 250 people have weighed in on my product ideas survey, I have a pretty good idea of what you’re all looking for and have decided to move forward with product creation.

I wanted to let you know that I’m going to be taking a brief break from regular blogging because I’ve got a film shoot scheduled for THIS WEEK, and there’s a TON of work that needs to be done to prepare for it. So, I’m going to be devoting all of my spare time to getting ready for that – fleshing out the product details, planning and scripting some videos, gathering some equipment, etc.

Truth be told, I’m throwing this together by the seat of my pants, but mark my words, this will be the absolute best product in the niche market it serves. Nothing currently out there even comes close in comprehensiveness and innovation. And best of all, nobody can truly replicate the Siffer-touch – try as they may.

So, you’re probably wondering which product it is since I posted a brief description of four different ideas. Well, there’s no secret anymore. After getting all of your feedback, I quickly learned that there is enough interest in the product I’ve been chipping away at over the past several months (YES!). So, the first product I’ll be releasing will be the Pull-up and Chin-up Coaching System – something that’s been on my mind for over a year now.

I’m really glad it worked out this way because…

a) I’ll be able to get you what you want as soon as possible, and

b) I’ll be able to get a product “out there” to see if it does well, if people like it, use it, and benefit from it, and also to find out if I enjoy this type of thing – and if I should pursue product creation more in the future.

It goes without saying, that my first product will be a test, of sorts, to see how everything goes. There’s a bit of doubt and uncertainty, but overall, I’m pretty optimistic. Obviously, I won’t know anything until I get this thing out there to see if it is well-received. But the fact of the matter is that I would love – LOVE – to create all four of those products – among others. Each one has a special place in my heart, and I meet people all the time who could use them.

Time will tell what actually ends up happening, and I can assure you that I will be hustling to get this thing released as soon as possible, without compromising on quality and value.

Final Words

So, if you weighed in with your opinion in my survey – THANK YOU. You’ve given me a clear direction to head towards. And a big thank you to all of you who left a comment with more specific suggestions. I received a lot of invaluable feedback, and some ideas I hadn’t even considered that will absolutely go into effect with my products. I’ll keep you posted, and will get back to a more regular blogging schedule once this film shoot is complete.

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