Are Pushup Handles Really That Great? Tips and Tricks for making the most of pushup handles by John Sifferman

My brother, James, bought me a pair of professional grade pushup handles last week for my birthday (thank you, Jim!).  These are a training tool that you may have seen on TV or in a store that sells fitness equipment.  I am really excited to have these and have used them almost every day since.  Here is my video review with some tips for maximizing their use and effectiveness (at the end, I’ll show you what to do if you can’t invest the money, but want the benefits of using pushup handles):

Rotating Pushup Handles Review by John Sifferman

Pushups are an outstanding exercise, but only when used for the right purpose in a training program. There are virtually infinite ways to vary and progress using the pushup exercise, and pushup handles only make it easier.

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To your health and success,

5 Responses

  1. John

    My wife and I have VERY exciting plans for this weekend. Want to hear what they are??

    We will be doing absolutely nothing this weekend. We have no plans, no agenda. We’ll just go with the flow and see what we want to do. Maybe we will go apple picking on Sunday..

    I think having a “nothing to do” weekend is nice every once in awhile (and it’s been awhile, sheesh!)

    John Sifferman

  2. ray pope

    Hi John,
    Many thanks for your great video training program. My family and I were in a serious car accident four years ago and we are now recovered enough to be able to exercise and your exercises are the best I have seen since I did some kung fu many years ago.
    I look forward to working with them and feeling the benifits of your training.
    Ray Pope (ireland)

  3. John

    Hi Ray,

    Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad that you are stepping up and taking control over your health. Lead from the front brother.

    To your health and success,

    John Sifferman

  4. Rocko

    What is in your opinion the right purpose for using pushups in a training program? I personally love doing them, especially since you can do them anywhere.

  5. John


    The pushup is just an exercise, just a means to an end – and that end could be many many things. I can’t say that there is any definite purpose for the pushup, only that the pushup is simply an exercise that can serve many purposes.

    For military personnel, pushups are a standard PT requirement.

    For the amateur bodybuilder, the pushup is a triceps, anterior deltoid, and pectoral developer.

    For the average trainee without specific goals, the pushup is just another exercise to add to the toolbox for the purposes of burning fat or building muscle.

    For the functional trainee, the pushup is a versatile, horizontal pushing strength exercise.

    For the natural trainee, the pushup is just one movement of millions, one that could probably be ignored without ill-effect.

    I’ll end my response with a quote from Bruce Lee: “Before I learned martial arts, a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick. When I studied martial arts, a punch was no longer just a punch and a kick was no longer just a kick. Now I understand martial arts, and a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.”

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