The Evolution of Bodyweight Exercise Training – Get A Complete Workout Program For Free

*grab your free, complete workout program, with instructional video included, at the bottom of this post. As I alluded to in The Superiority of Bodyweight Training, there is a major shift happening in the world of fitness, and more specifically, … Continued

The Superiority of Bodyweight Training – it’s not what you think

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Pop quiz, hot shot. 1. Who is the strongest of these weight lifters? a) bodybuilders b) olympic weightlifters c) powerlifters d) weekend warriors e) it depends 2. Who is the strongest of these bodyweight athletes? a) gymnasts b) acrobats/dancers c) … Continued

The Bodyweight Glide Workout Series for a Functionally Fit Body and Shredded Core Muscles

Note: This is a guest post from Ryan Murdock and Adam Steer, the experts. While a six-pack stomach may be the most conventional benchmark of athletic beauty, functional abdominal strength goes deeper and is far more important than vanity. … Continued

Too Much Sitting = Too Bad For Your Health

I’d like to say that I’m bringing you a nice, refreshing article about how we as a physically-cultured society are moving forward to greater heights in health and fitness. I wish that I could say we’ve made excellent progress to … Continued

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