Body Transformation Training Highlights Video with John Sifferman (week 1)

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Here is a quick video I made up with some of my training highlights from week 1 of my body transformation.

Body Transformation Training Highlights – Clubbells and CST

I love clubbell training! :)

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

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  1. …hmm..and most guys i meet…don’t think men are flexible.. HA… i believe you just proved them wrong! amazing JOHN.. thanks for sharing.. keep it coming~

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I come across the same dogma among men claiming that they “just aren’t naturally flexible.” I usually tell them that I’m not naturally flexible either. I have to work for every bit of mobility and movement freedom that I accomplish.

    Some men are conscientious about their health and pursue exercise, usually weight training. What these men need to hear is that they need to balance tension creating activities (typical strength training) with tension relieving activities (things like joint mobility and yoga). Once this balance between harder and softer styles of training is established, so many more possibilities open up and results often skyrocket.

    Also, remember that flexibility isn’t an attribute that you either possess or don’t possess. Flexibility is a skill, and to get better at it, you need to PRACTICE.

    Everything is an act of conditioning, no matter what we are doing, and whether we want that conditioning or not. If we don’t condition ourselves to improve our natural movements, then we will either stagnate or disintegrate our movement through our inaction.

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