Body Transformation using Clubbell Training and CST: Day 4 – watch John Sifferman transform his body using CST and Clubbells

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Day 4 – High Intensity Day (12/9/2008) – this is when training gets FUN!

Quick joint mobility warmup

45 lb clubbell circuit, no rest, 2X (1/grip)
3 rock-its
3 swings
3 cleans to order
3 cleans to shoulder park
3 cleans to shoulder park, full squat

4X10 Clockwork Squats with 45lb clubbell, 60 seconds rest between sets.

3X15, double 15 lb clubbell swipes – 60 seconds rest between exercises

finisher clubbell circuit, with 15 lb clubbell:
1×10/side – lateral shoulder cast to side flag position
1×5/grip – two handed front swipe
1×5/grip – two handed side swipe
1×5/grip – single arm mill
1×5/side – single arm lateral swings with a deep hip root

Notes: did vibrations all throughout the exercises – felt great to move some weight today!

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

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