Body Transformation using Clubbells and Circular Strength Training – watch John Sifferman transform his body with CST

February 20, 2009 – Bruiser Training Session

I began with a brief joint mobility warmup of:

Arm screws
Teacup drill
Thoracic circles
Hip circles
Circular Squats
Pelvic circles
Spinal circles
Spinal twists

45 lb Clubbell Training Circuit:

2 repetitions of each exercise, followed immediately by the next exercise, no rest until the end of each circuit (15-30 seconds of rest between sets). All exercises are performed 2-handed.

Repeat 5X/grip:
2 Rock-its
2 Swings
2 Clean to Order
2 Clean to shoulder park into a deck squat
2 Clockwork Squat
2 Arm cast
2 Front swipe
Rest 15-30 seconds, and repeat.

Vibration drills were performed during rest times as per RESET.

Clubbell training followed by basic bodyflow practice for 20 minutes: squat creep, shin twist, knee switch, descending shin roll, shinbox switch, long leg creep, lateral lunges, elevated scorpion, shinbox switch into spinal twist, dragon twisting into seated spinal twist, advanced shinbox switches.

50 continuous spinal rocks of various levels as per Be Breathed.

Finished with Downward Facing Dog Pose (2 minutes), and a few more vibrations as per Prasara Yoga.

Then made a banana/pear smoothie, mmmmmmm.

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

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