Body Transformation with Clubbells and Circular Strength Training: watch John Sifferman transform his body with CST and clubbell training

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2/26/09 – High Intensity Day

Full Body Joint Mobility Session using the Intu-Flow program

45 lb Clubbell Training Circuit – 2 repetitions of each exercise, followed immediately by the next exercise, no rest until the end of each circuit (15-30 seconds of rest between sets). All exercises are performed 2-handed.

Repeat 5X/grip:
2 Rock-its
2 Swings
2 Clean to Order
2 Clean to shoulder park into a deck squat
2 Clockwork Squat
2 Arm cast
2 Front swipe
Rest 15-30 seconds, and repeat.

Vibration drills were performed during rest times as per RESET.

Clubbell training followed by basic bodyflow practice for 10 minutes: squat creep, shin twist, knee switch, descending shin roll, long leg creep, leg swoop, and double leg swoop.

Finished a few more vibrations.

Then drank a mixed berry smoothie, and now off to train and walk the dog. It’s a blistering 54 degrees outside!

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

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  1. john,

    i’ve been following your blog for a few days now and enjoy the info, hearing about CST etc.

    what is the purpose of the vibration part of your routine? i’ve seen youtube videos where sonnon was doing this himself but don’t understand it.



  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Vibration training is based on Russian sports science research that Sonnon has brought back to the USA. In short, it is a way of relieving tension throughout the body, and restoring lubrication to the tissues (both muscles and their connective tissues). It is a great way to rapidly recover from intense exercise, and with some advanced variations, can be used to supercharge your performance.

    I use it mostly as a recovery tool between sets and a means of “cooling down” at the end of a session.

    I’ll post a Q+A about it on the blog sometime.

    To your health and success,

    John Sifferman

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