Body Transformation with CST and Clubbell Training: Day 10 – watch John Sifferman transform his body with Clubbells and CST

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Day 10 – Moderate Intensity Day (12/15/08)

Morning Activity:
15 lb clubbell swinging practice – single-arm swipes at low intensity, practicing technique
2 rounds of the FlowFit program circuit (levels 3+4) done super-slow and each pose held for a few moments before switching.

Afternoon, formal training (not really):
FlowFit Biomechanical exercises – 8 rounds in 10 minutes (difficulty levels 3+4)

RPTED 8 4 1

Body-Flow™ practice – nothing structured, went a little crazy actually. I was thinking of Zach Even-Esh during my training session. Zach is the king of old school, kick-butt, take no prisoners, underground strength training. He is known for his NO RULES attitude, and that’s how I felt during this training session. After the rounds of FlowFit, I realized I just needed to let off some steam. I couldn’t follow a structured training program today. After a stressful weekend, I just needed to unwind and PLAY.

So, I played. I rolled around on the floor, tried some old strength favorites like handstands and elbow levers, and wrestled with my puppy (who is 41.8 lbs now, took him to the vet today for his rabies inoculation). I think the aspect of play is part of the beauty of CST and BodyFlow in particular. One of my ultimate goals as an athlete and a coach is to integrate play into all training. If there were no differentiation between play and training, I believe physical activity is nearly harmonious.

I finished with corpse pose to recenter my mind.

Tomorrow is still a high intensity day, and you better believe me when I say I’m ready to swing come clubbells around. I’m always stoked when clubbell training comes around :)

To your health and success,

Fitness Professional and Clubbell Athlete

P.S. Do you use exercise as a way to unwind after a stressful day or week? Please post your comments below.

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