The Definitive Guide For Transitioning To Barefoot Running

Transition to Barefoot Running with this Complete Program Designed to Strengthen Your Legs, Increase Your Speed, Avoid Injury, and Help You Have More Fun on Your Runs It’s not uncommon for someone to learn about barefoot running, decide to try … Continued

Barefoot Running Lingo + Things NOT to Say When Running Barefoot

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I’ve been going barefoot since 2009 – walking, running, hiking, training, playing, and just otherwise being barefoot for the vast majority of my lifestyle. It’s been great and I love it, but that’s not what this post is about. You … Continued

The Minimalist Footwear PRIMER Featuring The “Man Of Many Shoes”

Interview with Damien Tougas About All-Things Minimalist Footwear You know it’s a good day when you open your email inbox to find an interview that you’ve been waiting for nearly a month to get back, and that it was more … Continued

The Little-Known Philosophy of Gentle Running

Lessons from Joe Henderson’s book Long Slow Distance: The Humane Way to Train If you enjoy running like so many millions of American’s do, or even if you hate running and don’t understand those wacko’s who actually derive pleasure from … Continued

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