The Barefoot Runner Turned Hopeless Romantic and the Four Pillars of Successful Running

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I just read a news story about a guy who won a 10k race wearing nothing but a pair of Barefoot Ted’s Luna Sandals. This got me thinking about the hype surrounding barefoot running and minimalist footwear. At first glance, … Continued

Persistence Hunting and Endurance Running: 5 Ways to Run Effortlessly

On a long run with my dog through Clough State Park (about 2 hours, distance unknown), I experienced something remarkable about functional human capacities. It was a warm day, and I was running barefoot on a trail loop that is … Continued

Hiking Mount Washington – Barefoot and Fasted

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Not too long ago, I embarked with a group of seven others to climb the tallest mountain in New England. You may remember that I climbed Mount Washington for the first time last year (trip report here). Even though our … Continued

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