Learn the Skill of Barefoot Running

Plus Follow-up From Barefoot Ken Bob’s Running Workshop Our culture has made a mess of running. You’d think a simple, pleasurable physical activity wouldn’t produce widespread problems, but we’ve butchered running to the point of near death with it having … Continued

Interview with Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton

Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton about barefoot running, but also about all aspects of going barefoot. To say I was surprised by the sheer volume of wisdom he shared in our 1+ hour … Continued

Going Barefoot in the City and the True Value of Shoes

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Note: In this photo, my buddy Tellman Knudson, is running barefoot in the city of lower Manhattan. He’s currently on his way to the West Coast to be the first man to run barefoot across America with the goal of … Continued

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