“But I Don’t Like Exercising…”

I’ve heard this many times before. John, I just don’t enjoy exercising. I mean, I hate going to the gym. Running is painful. And yoga feels like self-inflicted torture. I’m just not into that stuff – never have been. Here’s … Continued

Upper Body Workout with the Lebert Equalizer Parallel Bars

The parallel bars are a versatile, fun and very effective tool for training your upper body. I’d rank them right up there with rings and a good pull-up bar, among a few others. And today, I’m going to share a … Continued

6 Baby Steps To Quickly and Easily Improve Your Health & Fitness

Get Off to a Great Start in Your New Fit Lifestyle by Taking These Six Easy Baby Steps That Will Have You Looking, Feeling, and Performing Better Fast Baby steps. That’s all that’s standing between you and your goals. And … Continued

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