The Right Way to do the Plank Exercise

The plank exercise seems like a brain-dead simple pose that anyone can practice without much instruction. This is true, but to refine the plank exercise, one must implement some specific components to ensure optimal performance. It’s one thing to balance … Continued

TACFIT Warrior Review: Reinvent Yourself One Workout at a Time

Upon first glance, TACFIT Warrior, is just another great bodyweight exercise program to add to your collection. After further inspection, you’ll quickly realize that there’s a lot more to TACFIT Warrior than just some unique and effective workouts. If you … Continued

The TACFIT Warrior Challenge Workouts

TACFIT Warrior is a new bodyweight fitness program that will be released next week. I’ve been privileged to preview an early copy of the full program to review for my readers (Update: Click here for the complete product review or … Continued

Single Leg Squat Practice: How to Master Any Exercise or Movement Quickly (using the Pistol Method)

The single leg squat (AKA pistol) is not a very popular exercise. This may be because it is very difficult to perform, technically and physically. It not only requires sufficient skill to execute, but also a body that is free … Continued

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