What I Love Most About Running

Another runner and blogger, Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running (whom I interviewed here), posed a question on his blog the other day… He asked, “what do YOU love about running? And what’s your FAVORITE part of being a runner?” Of … Continued

Interview with Chris Highcock about Fitness, Strength, and Becoming HillFit

A Candid Discussion About Fitness for Hiking, Backpacking, and Hillwalking With One of the Most Down-to-Earth Fitness Authors on the Net hint: there is some good stuff in this interview for non-hikers, too! Today, I’d like to introduce you to … Continued

Running For Dummies, Idiots, Nitwits, And Other Normal People Like You And I

A Quick Primer On How Running Is Supposed To Be + A Short Exposé On How To Run Properly All right. Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not saying you’re a dummy, but I am saying that some runners, out … Continued

Finally, A Logical Explanation For Why 50-75% Of Runners Get Injured + The 7 Building Blocks of Becoming a Strong, Resilient Runner

The question has been posed in many different ways and from several different angles. Is running a dangerous and destructive activity that recklessly creates problems and injuries in the human body or could running actually be considered the fountain of … Continued

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