Interview with Celeste St. Pierre: Triathlon Coach and Swimming Specialist

Stop Wrestling With The Water And Learn How to Swim Effortlessly From Total Immersion Master Swimming Coach, Celeste St. Pierre. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview a Total Immersion Master Coach all about swimming last week. It … Continued

How to Burn More Calories Than a Triathlete on Adrenaline

You wanna know how to to burn more calories? You sure? Because what I’m about to share with you isn’t gonna be easy. After a few rounds of this, your legs will literally feel like they’re on fire, which is … Continued

The Little-Known Philosophy of Gentle Running

Lessons from Joe Henderson’s book Long Slow Distance: The Humane Way to Train If you enjoy running like so many millions of American’s do, or even if you hate running and don’t understand those wacko’s who actually derive pleasure from … Continued

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