How to Run Better for the Perfect Run: 5 Things That I Do Differently Now That I Know Better

Today, I went for the perfect run. Why was it perfect? Because I utterly enjoyed it, and I know that it was exactly what I needed today. That’s how training should be – our desires should line up exactly with … Continued

Rainy Day Workout With My Dog Ronin

Most people stay indoors as much as possible when it rains or snows. People don’t want to get wet, they don’t want to be inconvenienced, and they definitely don’t want to challenge themselves to try something new and exciting. If … Continued

Real World Strength Training Quick Workout Routine – the Bare Essentials Bodyweight Strength Training Circuit – by John Sifferman

Sometimes, we just need a simple and quick strength training workout routine.  That’s when bodyweight exercise programs come in. This circuit is guaranteed to give you both strength training and cardio benefits, while scorching your metabolism into fat burning mode. … Continued

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