The Scorpion Bodyweight Exercise Tutorial

There’s nothing quite like embodying the movement qualities of a venomous, stinger-whipping arachnid. Maybe it’s the ability to strike at a moments notice, or the cool feeling you get from rapidly redirecting your limbs in a coordinated, yet unpredictable manner. Then … Continued

The Clubbell Hero Evolution – First Impressions

My good friend, Shane Heins, just released a new clubbell training program called the Clubbell Hero Evolution. I have had the opportunity to test drive two sessions out of the “Thor” strength cycle that Shane sent me a couple weeks … Continued

The Complete TACGYM Review

TACGYM is the premier tactical gymnastics program that uses bodyweight exercises and simple acrobatics to help you master basic movements and help you gain access to flow-state performance. TACGYM is Scott Sonnon’s latest solution for the functional fitness needs of … Continued

Interview With Scott Sonnon About TACGYM

TACGYM is a program that I’ve been eagerly awaiting since I first started practicing biomechanical exercises (aka basic acrobatics) from the BodyFlow system back in 2006. Yep, that’s before TACGYM was even a thought. I guess my wish is coming … Continued

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