The Clubbell Flow Evolution – Complete Review

The Clubbell Flow Evolution is a health-first clubbell training program that is meant to help people enact positive lifestyle change through the conduit of physical transformation. It is a user-friendly, plug and play fitness training program that caters to an … Continued

Clubbell Flow Evolution – Workout Session

The Clubbell Flow Evolution is the third installment in the clubbell evolution training series by Founder of Dare to Evolve and CST Head Coach, Shane Heins. I’ve used and reviewed the prior two programs before: Clubbell Mass Evolution and Clubbell … Continued

Are Partial Reps Better For Strength and Hypertrophy Than Full ROM?

Have you ever seen those guys or gals at the gym doing an exercise with a partial range of motion? Maybe they were doing 1/4 squats or even the dreaded half pullups (I call them “sissy pullups”). If you’re like … Continued

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