The Clubbell Hero Evolution – First Impressions

My good friend, Shane Heins, just released a new clubbell training program called the Clubbell Hero Evolution. I have had the opportunity to test drive two sessions out of the “Thor” strength cycle that Shane sent me a couple weeks … Continued

Clubbell Exercises: Rock-It Drills Demo

The clubbell rock-it drill is a foundational movement in the Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training, and one of the first exercises I teach to new clubbell clients. Upon first trying it, they are usually surprised how incredibly challenging the rock-it variations … Continued

Interview with Shane Heins About Clubbell Training For Building Muscle

Below, you’ll find an interview with my friend, Shane Heins, who is a CST Head Coach and an expert in clubbell training. I had hoped to get him on the phone for 20-30 minutes to answer the most common questions … Continued

The Clubbell Mass Evolution – Complete Review

The Clubbell Mass Evolution is the premier clubbell-based, muscle building program. There are other clubbell training programs out there, but this is the first one that is exclusively for building lean muscle mass. The Clubbell Mass Evolution was created by … Continued

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