How a Family of Five Plans to Thru-Hike the 2000+ Mile Appalachian Trail this Summer

An Interview with Damien Tougas About his Family’s Upcoming Thru-Hike of the 2000+ Mile Appalachian Trail and Their Special Video Series Project

More than a few years ago, my wife and I (and Ronin the dog) met another outdoorsy family, that in our minds, took all this outdoor adventure stuff to a whole new level. A relationship blossomed during a somewhat miserable downpour in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and we’ve been friends ever since.

Damien Tougas

Damien Tougas, the computer programming, minimalist-footwear donning, ultra-light backpacking extraordinaire and head honcho of the Tougas Family Adventure Force.

Now, for the past several years, Damien, his wife, Renee, and their three school-aged kids have been planning and preparing to thru-hike the entire Appalachian Trail, which is a tremendous undertaking for anyone – let along a family of five. But believe it or not, this grand adventure isn’t all they have planned.

You see, something you should know about the Tougas family is that they are both dreamers and doers. They decide what they want and then craft their lives to move in the direction of their dreams. They make things happen. Even if they’re scared. Even if they don’t know how they’re going to do it. They move forward confidently. They are true adventurers in every sense of the word! And though they wouldn’t admit it, they are truly hardcore – not settling for mere thrills, but ever-searching for the majesty contained in both simple everyday life and also in grand adventures.

Ever since we first met, they have always impressed and inspired us with their dreams and especially their pursuit of those dreams. And this interview is all about their next big adventure to inspire you to pursue your own dreams. And between you and me, I think this is only the beginning for them.
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Interview with Steven Proto about his Guinness World Record for the Heaviest Weighted Pull-up

I recently learned about a man named Steven Proto who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s heaviest weighted pull-up. I got in touch with him, and asked if I could pick his brain about training. He said, “sure!” So, I sent him a long list of questions, and below, you’ll see [...]

Interview with Hugo Rivera about Pull-up Training for Hypertrophy

Maximize Your Back and Arm Musculature with These Expert Tips From the Man Who Can Do 55 Pullups – Hugo Rivera

Awhile back, I was talking training with my friend Tom Venuto, and he mentioned a friend of his who once did 55 pull-ups in one set – an almost inhuman performance that would [...]

Never Waste a Dime on Supplements Again

Finally, The TRUTH About Supplements to Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals Without Wasting Your Time and Money on Bogus “Miracle” Products

Sol Orwell

Sol Orwell – co-founder of

Several months ago, I received a private message via Facebook from co-founder, Sol Orwell. I had been vaguely familiar with who Sol was, but I really didn’t know the guy all that well. And truth be told, I couldn’t really figure out why he contacted me in the first place. You see, this guy sends me an email out of the blue and ultimately just asks if he can promote any of my fitness articles.

Umm… sure.

Can you tell that I was a little suspicious? And on top of that, his Facebook photo – the only face to a name that I have for Sol Orwell – was a close-up headshot of him wearing sunglasses. And you just know that you can’t trust someone who is not only wearing sunglasses, but is clearly having a good time, too, right? Clearly, Sol was offering to do me a favor in search of good will, but I couldn’t help but wonder, “what’s this guy up to?”

Well, now I know. You see, Sol was just doing what some in the industry call networking because he has been working on something pretty special, and he wanted to get out there to spread the word and make sure the whole world knows about it. And for good reason, too.

You see, Sol and his team at have been working on a massive, never-before-attempted project for the past 2.5 years to help consolidate and refine the gargantuan amount of research out there about supplements and how they correspond to health goals – and actually make it useful for the average Joe (imagine that!) by putting it into one organized guidebook. And boy, have they done it!

My friend, Tom Venuto, summed up the value of this massive undertaking when he said…

With’s supplement reference guide, never again will you need to worry about knowing whether the claims of the billion dollar supplement industry are true or false. You’ll have the truth right at your fingertips. Use this encyclopedic resource as your go-to-guide and you’ll never have to waste time searching Google and wondering whether what you found is evidence or (biased) advertisement, you won’t have to waste your money or risk your health on personal trial and error, and you won’t even have to sort through the real research (pub med) because the guys at Examine have spent years doing it for you. Maybe the best part is that, finally the evidence-based trustworthy information we need is all in one place, and is smartly organized so you can find the answers you need in just minutes. Whether you’re a consumer or a fitness pro, this is a no-brainer must-have for your library.

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Interview with Chris Highcock about Fitness, Strength, and Becoming HillFit

A Candid Discussion About Fitness for Hiking, Backpacking, and Hillwalking With One of the Most Down-to-Earth Fitness Authors on the Net

hint: there is some good stuff in this interview for non-hikers, too!

Chris Highcock

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Chris Highcock, whose work I’ve followed for several years now. Chris is a fitness guy through-and-through, but he’s also an author, blogger, and health and fitness researcher who has a knack for providing clarity to the latest research and trending topics.

I’ve always appreciated Chris’s work because he has a way of bringing the many extreme viewpoints that circulate the internet into a more balanced perspective – a rare and valuable skill to have in the health and fitness community. In fact, Chris’s Conditioning Research site was near the top of my list of best bloggers to watch in 2010, and if I had a 2013 list, his site would be right up there, too.

Needless to say, Chris has an invaluable perspective that most in the fitness industry don’t, which is exactly why I wanted to introduce you to him here. Today’s agenda involves a discussion mostly about health, fitness, and strength training as they relate to hiking, backpacking, and hillwalking, which as you’ll soon find out, are topics that are near and dear to Chris’s heart. But there’s a lot more here than meets the eye, and I’d dare say, that practically everyone who reads this will come away with at least one golden nugget that they can put into practice. Oh, and you’ll learn why wearing a kilt may help you improve your workout performance.

So, let’s dive right in.
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