Interview with Jeff Kuhland

If you haven’t met Jeff Kuhland before, it’s probably because he’s been so busy trekking through the back country via compass and topo maps, battling river rapids by raft or kayak, pulling all-nighters in some obscure wilderness with his adventure … Continued

Interview With The Legendary Strength Coach Dan John

Build World Class Strength With These Expert Tips From Dan John If you’ve never heard of Coach Dan John before, then allow me to introduce you to a legend in the strength and weightlifting community. Some of the things that … Continued

Interview with Al Kavadlo About Raising The Bar

Skyrocket Your Pull-up and Chin-up Performance With These Expert Tips to Help You Master Bar Calisthenics And Beyond Just last week, I got on the phone with none other than Al Kavadlo. In case you don’t know him, he’s a … Continued

Interview with Ryan Hurst – Founder of Gold Medal Bodies

Get an Introduction to Gold Medal Bodies and Ring Training to Take Your Fitness to the Next Level, and Learn Some Unique Training Strategies to Master The Pull-up and Chin-up Exercises and Beyond I have spent years saying that “someday, I’m … Continued

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