How To Achieve Goals: John Sifferman interviews Strength Coach Kyle Battis about how to follow through on your goals (Part 1 of 3)

Now that you have some great goals in place, how do you achieve them? There are many strategies specifically for how to achieve goals, and I just grilled Strength Coach Kyle Battis all about it in this 3-part video interview. … Continued

Home Gym Training with Strength Coaches Kyle Battis and John Sifferman

Home gym training is quickly becoming more popular out of necessity. It seems we are so busy that sometimes it just isn’t possible to make it to the gym. This is when home gym training truly shines, but there are … Continued

Introduction to The BodyFat Solution by Tom Venuto – PDF transcript download

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If you’ve been following along with the blog, you’ve probably heard the recent buzz about Tom Venuto’s new hardcover book, that is going to be released by a major New York City Publisher (Avery/Penguin Books) on January 8th 2009. Tom … Continued

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