Lifting weights is dangerous. And so is Crossfit.

Lifting weights is dangerous. And so is Crossfit. Crossfit is dangerous. And you know what’s really dangerous? When weak, deconditioned, imbalanced, or otherwise unhealthy people try to lift weights that are too heavy for them with poor technique, poor programming, … Continued

“What Supplements Should I Take For _____?”

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Introducing the Supplement Stack Guides: The Definitive Answer to the Question “What Supplements Should I Take For…?” “What supplements should I take for _____?” Fat Loss Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance Heart Health Testosterone Enhancement Mood and Depression Sleep … Continued

Never Waste a Dime on Supplements Again

Finally, The TRUTH About Supplements to Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals Without Wasting Your Time and Money on Bogus “Miracle” Products Several months ago, I received a private message via Facebook from co-founder, Sol Orwell. I … Continued

The 7 Crucial Elements Of A Balanced Physical Training Regime

A Simple 7-Step Blueprint To Maximize Your Health, Fitness, and Quality Of Life By Pursuing Excellence In Your Physical Training Regime In A Systematic And Holistic Manner There are many ways to skin a cat, and virtually unlimited ways to … Continued

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