Tuesday Q+A: What is joint mobility? by John Sifferman

Update: Click Here for a free joint mobility program. Why spend the next few minutes reading about it when you could spend the same few minutes EXPERIENCING it? If you have been following along with the blog for awhile, you … Continued

5 Things You Need to do to Stay Strong for Life by John Sifferman

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I love lists – they’re concise and easy to remember.  They give you a good grasp of a subject without requiring you to read a book or a boring research paper.  More importantly, lists give you a look at the … Continued

Healthy "Burn the Fat" Recipe from Tom Venuto: Beefy Spanish Rice – which gets the "kitchen dummy" seal of approval

My wife and I decided to document the steps it takes to prepare one of Tom Venuto’s famous “burn the fat,” fat loss recipes. Tom is famous for using fat burning foods in all of his meals, and he has … Continued

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