How to Approach Pull-up Training When You’re Injured

Another common question I get on pull-up training is whether it’s safe to train them if you have an injury or a past injury. It seems that someone is always wondering if their “old shoulder injury” will prevent them from … Continued

3 Exercises In 5 Minutes: No More Knee Pain When Running

How Joe The Runner Eliminated His Knee Pain Using 3 Exercises He Learned During A 5 Minute Consultation With A Health-First Fitness Coach So, my brother, Joe, who lives out of state, showed up in town for an unexpected visit. … Continued

Finally, A Logical Explanation For Why 50-75% Of Runners Get Injured + The 7 Building Blocks of Becoming a Strong, Resilient Runner

The question has been posed in many different ways and from several different angles. Is running a dangerous and destructive activity that recklessly creates problems and injuries in the human body or could running actually be considered the fountain of … Continued

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