4 Reasons to Avoid Training to Muscle Failure

It is often said that, rather than training to failure, you should leave one repetition left “in the tank.” I think this is good advice, particularly when you’re performing a max or near-max set (obviously, this advice doesn’t apply for … Continued

The Top 10 Exercises You Should NEVER Do

Learn some of the most common exercise “no no’s” to help you prevent injuries and pain, avoid impractical training adaptations, and maximize your results from only using the exercises that are best-suited for your training goals. Few things irk me … Continued

Heal Your Aches and Pains and Prevent Injuries with this Joint Mobility Super-Package (3 Days Only)

There is one thing, and one thing only, that I can point to with 100% confidence and say that everyone – yes, everyone – would benefit from including in their physical practice – whether as part of an exercise program … Continued

How to Stabilize Your Shoulders During the Pullup Exercise

There’s nothing worse than loosey goosey shoulders during the pullup and chinup exercise. Trust me, as a personal trainer, it’s not a pretty sight to behold from across the gym floor. Even from several yards away, I can feel the … Continued

Q+A: Can You Get Injured From Gentle Exercise?

QUESTION: Hey John, I’ve never contacted you before but your website has been instrumental in shifting my training focus from Dragon Door and Kettlebells towards Circular Strength Training with a long-term view to MovNat or Parkour-style movement skills. Grandiose plans … Continued

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