1000+ Pushups Fitness Challenge: Full Report

Last Saturday, I hosted a men’s fitness challenge in my home gym. To make a long story short, we did a lot more pushups than any of us should have (bordering on insanity), and I’m still feeling it three days … Continued

What It Actually Takes to Succeed with Fitness

The One Thing That Is Critical To Your Health And Fitness Success (and 15 Ways to Develop It) Have you tried practically everything to achieve your health and fitness goals, and you’re still struggling? Well, between you, me, and the … Continued

“But I Don’t Like Exercising…”

I’ve heard this many times before. John, I just don’t enjoy exercising. I mean, I hate going to the gym. Running is painful. And yoga feels like self-inflicted torture. I’m just not into that stuff – never have been. Here’s … Continued

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