10 Kettlebell Dangers…Debunked!

Are Kettlebells Dangerous? Should You Avoid Kettlebells? Answers to 10 Common Kettlebell Objections and Criticisms In this post, I’ll be answering ten common kettlebell criticisms and objections, mostly centered around the topic of so-called “kettlebell dangers.” QUESTION: Hi John, Thanks … Continued

14 Kettlebells Compared: The Complete Kettlebell Review

14 Different Models From 9 Of The Top Kettlebell Brands: Which of These Pro-Grade, Competition-Style Kettlebells Is Right For You? If you’re in the market for a new kettlebell and you’re not sure which one would be best for your … Continued

Kettlebells VS Clubbells

How Clubbells and Kettlebells Compare, Contrast, and Complement Each Other – The Pros and Cons of Each, Key Differences, and the Best Exercises for Each Tool What are the key differences between kettlebells and clubbells (or other weighted clubs), and … Continued

Interesting Things I Learned While Comparing Kettlebell Prices Online

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What The Kettlebell Company Execs Don’t Want You To Know About Their Marked Up Prices UPDATE: Check out my new complete competition kettlebells review, where I showcase some of the highest-quality kettlebells from all of the major brands: 14 Kettlebells … Continued