Kettlebells VS Clubbells

How Clubbells and Kettlebells Compare, Contrast, and Complement Each Other – The Pros and Cons of Each, Key Differences, and the Best Exercises for Each Tool What are the key differences between kettlebells and clubbells (or other weighted clubs), and … Continued

Interesting Things I Learned While Comparing Kettlebell Prices Online

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What The Kettlebell Company Execs Don’t Want You To Know About Their Marked Up Prices Three years ago, yesterday, if you can believe it, I published The Definitive Guide For Buying Kettlebells, which included a big chart containing all of … Continued

Comparing Three Pro-Grade, Competition-Style Kettlebells (Video Review)

Find Out The Top Two Best Companies To Buy Your Pro-Grade, Competition-Style Kettlebells From The first kettlebells I ever used were some classic Russian kettlebells from Dragon Door about 8-9 years ago. Those were totally “the thing” for awhile there. … Continued

Are Partial Reps Better For Strength and Hypertrophy Than Full ROM?

Have you ever seen those guys or gals at the gym doing an exercise with a partial range of motion? Maybe they were doing 1/4 squats or even the dreaded half pullups (I call them “sissy pullups”). If you’re like … Continued

14 Minutes of Continuous Kettlebell Practice

I receive a lot of emails about my own personal training program. I seldom answer them, for fear of having someone misunderstand or misapply something in their own training. My program is unique and crafted for my personal needs, and … Continued