Interview with Charles Staley About Strength and Fitness

If you’re not familiar with Charles Staley, let me introduce you to a world-renown strength and conditioning coach, a well-accomplished powerlifter, and a prolific fitness writer. Charles is a tall, somewhat lanky, but quite muscular, competitive powerlifter who can squat … Continued

1000+ Pushups Fitness Challenge: Full Report

Last Saturday, I hosted a men’s fitness challenge in my home gym. To make a long story short, we did a lot more pushups than any of us should have (bordering on insanity), and I’m still feeling it three days … Continued

What Every Man Wants: Well-Rounded Fitness (Here’s How To Get It)

I’ve talked to a lot of dudes over my career as a fitness professional, and it seems like the overwhelming majority of them want well-rounded fitness. They don’t necessarily want to be the biggest, strongest, Olympic-level, super-athletes, but they do … Continued