Pushups VS Dips

QUESTION: John, Can you explain the different benefits of pushups vs. dips? Which one do you recommend? This question comes up a lot: which exercise is better: pushups or dips? The exercises I’m asked about often vary, but the answer … Continued

Your Quick & Dirty Fitness Guide for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

6 Critical Tips, Fitness Standards, and Workouts to Prepare Your Body for the Zombie Apocalypse They’re coming. And they want your brainz. And if you want to improve your odds of keeping YOUR brainz in one piece, then you’d better … Continued

What Every Man Wants: Well-Rounded Fitness (Here’s How To Get It)

I’ve talked to a lot of dudes over my career as a fitness professional, and it seems like the overwhelming majority of them want well-rounded fitness. They don’t necessarily want to be the biggest, strongest, Olympic-level, super-athletes, but they do … Continued