“But I Don’t Like Exercising…”

I’ve heard this many times before. John, I just don’t enjoy exercising. I mean, I hate going to the gym. Running is painful. And yoga feels like self-inflicted torture. I’m just not into that stuff – never have been. Here’s … Continued

The One Thing Every Fitness Success Story Has In Common

I started my career in fitness as a personal trainer back in 2006. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of fitness success stories (and many failures, too). Most prominent among them is that I’ve witnessed thousands of success stories as … Continued

What NOBODY Tells You About What Changes When You Transform Your Body (And Your Life)

A common thread in success stories from those who have transformed their body, changed their life, and gotten strong (etc.) is that they all report experiencing something to the effect of more self-confidence, self-esteem or mental toughness and/or clarity. When … Continued

25 Things The Spartan Warriors Didn’t Need To Get Fit And Prepare For War

The ancient Spartans didn’t have such valuable resources like smart phones, fitness trackers, or fancy exercise equipment. Nor did they have the scientific research on human anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, and performance enhancement that we do today. Or, the Internet, for … Continued

33 Things The Best Athletes Do That You Probably Don’t

There are two kinds of people in the world of fitness and athletics: those who succeed and those who don’t, the winners and losers, the achievers and the wannabes. And you can usually spot them from a mile away. Here … Continued

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