5 Ways To Build Physical & Mental Toughness With Hormetic Training

How to Use Positive Stress To Get Tougher, Build Hardiness, and Cultivate Grit with Hormetic Training Science now agrees: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s a little something called hormesis. Here’s what it means…

Interview with Jeff Kuhland about Pull-up Training

Break Your Pull-up Training Plateau and Work Your Way up to Doing Sets of 20-30+ Pull-ups Using These Tips From Jeff “50+ Pull-ups” Kuhland I got a chance to train with Jeff Kuhland at a 5-day MovNat retreat back in … Continued

Interview with Jeff Kuhland

If you haven’t met Jeff Kuhland before, it’s probably because he’s been so busy trekking through the back country via compass and topo maps, battling river rapids by raft or kayak, pulling all-nighters in some obscure wilderness with his adventure … Continued

MovNat Combo Training Video

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I was privileged to be one of the first people to attend Erwan’s 5-day USA seminars at Summersville Lake, WV. That event has been one of the single most positive experiences I’ve ever had, and I would recommend it to … Continued