How to Break a Fitness Plateau by Building Strength-Endurance

Solving the Strength-Endurance Conundrum: Why Strength is More Important Than Endurance For Building Strength-Endurance (How to Build Strength-Endurance for Pull-ups and Chin-ups) I was having a little chat with Jeff Kuhland about pull-up training and something we discussed was that … Continued

Interview with Jeff Kuhland about Pull-up Training

Break Your Pull-up Training Plateau and Work Your Way up to Doing Sets of 20-30+ Pull-ups Using These Tips From Jeff “50+ Pull-ups” Kuhland I got a chance to train with Jeff Kuhland at a 5-day MovNat retreat back in … Continued

The Fastest Way to Increase Your Pull-up Strength in a Short Period of Time

How to Enhance Your Pull-up and Chin-up Strength in a Matter of Weeks Without Even Breaking a Sweat by Using a Twist on a Classic Russian Training Method to get Stronger and Rapidly Increase Your Pull-up Numbers Over the years, … Continued

How An Often-Ignored Training Strategy Can Improve Your Fitness Results Overnight

The Often-Ignored “Killer App” Strategy That Every Great Fitness Coach Knows About (But The Gurus Hate And Fear) That Can Rapidly Improve Your Fitness Results Overnight Just By Making One Tiny Change To Your Exercise Program I’m about to show … Continued

How FAST You Should Perform Pushups And Other Strength Exercises For Maximum Results

Get The Most Out Of Every Strength Training Repetition With These Simplified Tips About Repetition Speed Much has been said about strength training when it comes to repetition speed and tempo considerations. There are a zillion and one different opinions … Continued

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