4 Exercises To Fix Duck Feet By Improving Hip Internal Rotation

If your feet are turned out excessively, you may have “duck feet” (aka “penguin-toed” and “toeing out”), which is a postural issue where your feet point out to your sides instead of straight ahead. Depending on your body’s structure, this … Continued

7 Tips For Training in the Cold (Q+A)

QUESTION: Hello John, thank you so much for always be so nice about answering my emails. After the last email you wrote me and researched a little bit more and realized I really needed a coach so now I am … Continued

How to Prevent Back Pain With Joint Mobility Training & Yoga (Q+A)

Question: John, About 6 weeks ago, I suffered a muscle sprain in my back. Seems to happen every October. Weird. My chiropractor has been working on ‘balancing’ me and things are getting better. So…I’m looking forward to what else I … Continued

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