How to Prevent Overtraining, Avoid Injuries, and Still Crush Your Workouts

Not too long ago, I had a nice little chat with my ‘ol buddy Shane Heins from Dare to Evolve (aka the “Clubbell Evolution guy”). We got talking about training, as we often do, and I even recorded the whole … Continued

How To Stretch Out Your Forearms Using A New Twist On Seal Pose

Learn these three levels of stretches to help you release tension in and around your forearms to boost your recovery after grip-intensive training sessions. Have you ever had one of those training sessions where you could barely squeeze anything with … Continued

Introducing Recuper8: Prevent Pain and Injury by Restoring Mobility With This FREE Program

Not too long ago, one of my coaches, Scott Sonnon, released a free fitness program called Recuper8 that was designed to prevent and alleviate the aches, pains, and injuries that are suffered by those in service-related vocations: military personnel, law … Continued

Figure Out Exactly How Much Sleep You Need With This Simple Self-Test

Note: don’t miss my Definitive Guide to Sleeping Like a Baby Every Single Night. Maybe you’ve heard the general recommendation that you need to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night, and that’s not bad advice. But what’s the … Continued

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