Review of FlowFit: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Gain Flow

FlowFit is one of the best-selling follow-along fat loss workout routine DVD’s available on the internet, and there’s a good reason why… It’s because thousands of men and women of all ages are burning off bodyfat, and getting in the … Continued

Are Pushup Handles Really That Great? Tips and Tricks for making the most of pushup handles by John Sifferman

My brother, James, bought me a pair of professional grade pushup handles last week for my birthday (thank you, Jim!).  These are a training tool that you may have seen on TV or in a store that sells fitness equipment.  … Continued

Review of Ageless Mobility by Scott Sonnon, Pain-Free Wellness for Longevity – review by John Sifferman

I’m going to write this as a somewhat informal review, even though Ageless Mobility is deserving of a thorough and professional review (which it has received several times elsewhere). I’m actually going to tell you a story about myself, and … Continued

Review of the Burn the Fat: Inner Circle: the Internet's Premiere Fat Loss Support Community

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet, because frankly, there is so much I could talk about regarding the Inner Circle. If you need to lose weight, or more specifically, lose FAT permanently and naturally, or if you’re … Continued

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