3 Tips to Help Skinny Runners Build Lean Muscle

The 3 Muscle Building Essentials To Help Skinny Runners Gain Lean Mass Without Bulking Up or Slowing Down So, you’re a runner and you want to build some muscle, but you don’t want to end up looking like the Incredible … Continued

To Listen to Music or Not While Exercising? That is the WRONG Question.

I was scanning my news reader this morning and noticed that the top two entries had a little something in common…or not. So, let me get this straight… two popular fitness-themed websites uploaded two different articles that suggest two completely … Continued

What I Love Most About Running

Another runner and blogger, Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running (whom I interviewed here), posed a question on his blog the other day… He asked, “what do YOU love about running? And what’s your FAVORITE part of being a runner?” Of … Continued

3 Exercises In 5 Minutes: No More Knee Pain When Running

How Joe The Runner Eliminated His Knee Pain Using 3 Exercises He Learned During A 5 Minute Consultation With A Health-First Fitness Coach So, my brother, Joe, who lives out of state, showed up in town for an unexpected visit. … Continued

Running For Dummies, Idiots, Nitwits, And Other Normal People Like You And I

A Quick Primer On How Running Is Supposed To Be + A Short Exposé On How To Run Properly All right. Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not saying you’re a dummy, but I am saying that some runners, out … Continued

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