Your Quick & Dirty Fitness Guide for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

6 Critical Tips, Fitness Standards, and Workouts to Prepare Your Body for the Zombie Apocalypse They’re coming. And they want your brainz. And if you want to improve your odds of keeping YOUR brainz in one piece, then you’d better … Continued

How to Actually Get a Cover-Model Body (in 15 Easy Steps!)

So, you want to look like a cover model, eh? Well, are we talking Men’s Fitness, Shape, or Flex Magazine? Because it’ll change my recommendations! But regardless of what type of cover-model body you’re looking to build, you’re going to … Continued

How to Actually Get the Body of a Spartan Warrior

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7 Simple Steps to Get the Body of an Ancient Spartan Warrior Ever since the movie 300 came out, I’ve run across a lot of resources on how to become a Spartan warrior. Since then, there have been many popular … Continued