Training Tips From The 3-Hour Plank World Record Holder

Learn How to Hold a Plank for 3 Minutes or 3 Hours From The Man Who Set The Guinness World Record In The Plank Exercise Apparently, this is old news since it happened a couple of months ago (and nobody … Continued

3 Exercises In 5 Minutes: No More Knee Pain When Running

How Joe The Runner Eliminated His Knee Pain Using 3 Exercises He Learned During A 5 Minute Consultation With A Health-First Fitness Coach So, my brother, Joe, who lives out of state, showed up in town for an unexpected visit. … Continued

Why Every Monday is Like New Year’s Day

Just a few minutes ago, I typed in “new year’s resolutions” into Google and clicked on the first result, which was titled, “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions” (source here). According to that article, the number one New Year’s resolution is … Continued

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