How to do a Plank: Proper Plank Form

Learn How to do a Plank With Proper Form Using This Summary of the Most Important Technique Tips

how to do a plank: proper plank form (female model)

Other than the elbows placement being a little narrow, this is an excellent visual example of proper plank form. Photo credit goes to:

The plank is a fairly straightforward exercise, but a lot of people don’t perform it properly because they’ve never been taught how. You can think of the plank as creating an arch with your body. That is, you’re creating a strong, stable, structure with your body that is capable of supporting a large load.

Now, I’ve already created a very in-depth, thorough guide to proper plank form and posted it here: The Right Way to do the Plank Exercise. But I also know that some of my readers have requested shorter (and simpler) training instructions. So, I’ve created this short and sweet guide on how to do a plank.

Only the basics here, folks, but it should be enough to get you started.

How to do a Plank: Video Summary

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Interview with the TACFIT Firefighters about Pull-up Training

Learn How Top-Level Firefighting Fitness Pros Integrate Pull-up Training Into Their Fitness Programs in this Interview with Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher

Ryan Provencher

Ryan Provencher

If you’re a firefighter, or if you’re employed in another physically-demanding profession, then do yourself a favor and get to know Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher. Not only are they professional firefighters, but they also have extensive fitness backgrounds, too.

These guys are literally at the forefront of tactical fitness, and particularly when it comes to firefighters, which is obviously a profession where fitness matters. And even if you’re not in a profession like this, but you still want elite-level fitness, then you’ll certainly benefit from following their work. They are truly top-level coaches who are influencing the future of precision fitness.

And today, I’ve got another great interview with both of them (see links below for our first interview together), except this time it’s all about pull-up training. Now, the pull-up exercise is obviously only one small aspect of firefighter fitness training, but I wanted to hear how Ryan and Christian employ it in their programs alongside the rest of their vigorous physical training and preparation.

Like all of us, firefighters have unique fitness needs, one of which is a state of constant readiness. This means that their training needs to help them stay healthy, injury-free, and be able to recover quickly, among other things. In other words, they need to attain and maintain a high level of fitness with a low risk of problems. And these two smoke eaters know exactly how to do just that.

christian carson

Christian Carson

During our interview, some of the topics we cover include…

  • How to prepare for a firefighter physical fitness test
  • Beginner and advanced level pull-up training tips for those with physically-demanding jobs
  • One technique tip that will help you focus on recruiting your major muscle groups, instead of letting your smaller muscle groups fatigue prematurely
  • How to activate your core, hips, and legs to turn the pull-up into a full body exercise for maximum strength recruitment
  • Their go-to workout for increasing their pull-up numbers in 12 weeks
  • 5 strategies they use to break through a plateau
  • A workout protocol to temporarily boost pullup results and get a big spike in your numbers
  • How to make the pull-up exercise much easier by augmenting your workouts with another key training tool
  • The straight truth on kipping pull-ups and how to use them wisely
  • Cutting-edge recovery methods to make sure you stay healthy and are able to perform at your best
  • And much more!

So, if you have a physically-demanding job or you’re in a position where you need to prepare for a Physical Fitness Test, and you’d like to bring up your pull-up numbers so that you can perform your job to the best of your ability, check out this interview with the TACFIT firefighters.
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5 Subtle Ways to Make Pull-ups and Chin-ups A Little Easier


Pull-ups Are Tough, But They Don’t Have To Be! Here Are Five Strategies To Make Pull-ups, Chin-ups And Their Many Variations A Little Bit Easier


Let’s face it. Pull-ups and chin-ups are tough. I don’t care who you are. They’re just a really challenging exercise – period.

And get this. Even though I’ve been doing pull-ups since I was eleven years old, they’ve never gotten any easier. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things we can do to make them a little easier. And the way I see it, the more you and I can do to put the odds in our favor, the better! So, in this short article, I’m going to give you five subtle ways to make pull-ups and chin-ups a little easier.

But before we get to the five tips, here’s a little hint…

Before you try anything else, simply try using a different grip. Some people are surprised to find out that although they can’t do any pull-ups, they can do a couple of chin-ups simply because a simple grip adjustment changes the musculature involved in the exercise. Also, many people find that using a neutral grip (ie hands on parallel bars, palms facing each other) tends to be a little easier than regular pull-ups, too. So, experiment with these three grips – my top 3 pull-up grips – and use the one which feels the best for you.

Hopefully, a simple grip adjustment will improve your performance right from the start. But regardless, you can also use these five strategies, too.
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How Long Should I Hold The Plank Exercise For?

What Scientists, Researchers, And Fitness Coaches Think About How Long To Hold A Plank: Including Official And Unofficial Standards, Average Plank Exercise Test Results, And The Latest World Records (Plus, Two Free Programs to Help You Increase Your Plank Time)

how long to hold a plank (plank time) - female

Photo credit:

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about how long to hold the plank exercise. And I always say the same thing, “it depends.” You know, on your goals, conditioning level, which plank you’re doing, etc. It just depends. That said, there are some general standards you can use to gauge your performance.
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30 Days to a 5 Minute Plank and Rock-Hard Abs


A Complete Abs Workout Program to Help You Get Ripped and Dramatically Improve Your Core Strength Using a Unique Twist on the Plank Exercise (for all skill levels)

male abs

Photo credit:

note: make sure you read to the very bottom of this post because there’s a new advanced plank workout video along with an important announcement!

If you want to get six pack abs the right way – by building a strong core in all THREE dimensions instead of busting your butt over endless, repetitive crunches and situps in one or two dimensions – then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find a complete abs workout program that you can use to accomplish the goal of building a strong core and a rockin’ set of abs. Not only that, but you’ll also increase your core strength in all three dimensions, improve your spinal stability, and maybe even eliminate back pain. Those are just a few of the perks of training to get six pack abs the right way using health-first fitness.

How I Achieved my First 5 Minute Plank and Got Six Pack Abs

Awhile back, one of my clients challenged me to hold a 5 minute plank. So, I put together a special program for myself and trained a variety of plank exercises to work my way up to this feat. I discovered that by making a couple of subtle changes to how you perform the plank, you can dramatically increase the difficulty and effectiveness of the exercise.

Now, a 5 minute plank may not seem like much now that we’ve got teenagers holding planks for over an hour, and Marine veterans lasting multiple hours at a time. But here’s the thing: you don’t need to spend tons of time doing planks to get rock-hard, and even six pack abs. You just have to train them right. And a few minutes of focused, challenging plank exercises that train your core in a variety of positions (that’s important!) and constantly push the edge of your skill and conditioning level can go a long way.

Now, I was pretty happy when I achieved my first 3 minute plank, but when I nailed the 5 minute test so easily, well, it was pretty cool. And let’s just say that the changes to my core were visible from all of the 3D-based core training I did leading up to it.

And I’m confident that anyone who is of average fitness and is otherwise healthy enough to exercise could rapidly increase their plank performance from just a few weeks of focused training. And today, I’m going to share a killer 3D plank workout to help you nail a 5 minute plank and get rock-hard abs – in 30 days or less.
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