Lifting weights is dangerous. And so is Crossfit.

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Lifting weights is dangerous. And so is Crossfit. Crossfit is dangerous.

And you know what’s really dangerous? When weak, deconditioned, imbalanced, or otherwise unhealthy people try to lift weights that are too heavy for them with poor technique, poor programming, and poor recovery, among other things (like these poor saps). [...]

Train Like an Athlete to LOOK Like an Athlete


Note: take a look at some of the athletes in the slideshow below. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Why do we always seem to get this one wrong?

There are a ton of people out there who are living and training for the goal of looking like an athlete (or a bodybuilder, model, you [...]

To Listen to Music or Not While Exercising? That is the WRONG Question.

I was scanning my news reader this morning and noticed that the top two entries had a little something in common…or not.

So, let me get this straight… two popular fitness-themed websites uploaded two different articles that suggest two completely opposite approaches on the question of whether to listen to music while running…within [...]

6 Reasons Why You Never Have Time to Exercise

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I just love it when someone tells me…

I can’t believe you have time for all of that. I could never do that. I’m just always so busy.

Translation: Don’t you have a life?

As if I have nothing better to do with myself and have all this free time I can use to exercise and engage in other so-called “lowly pursuits” because I’ve got nothing important going on in my life.

Give me a break!

First of all, I don’t just “have time for all of that.” I MAKE TIME for what’s important to me. I’ve got the same 24 hours a day as everyone else, and somehow, I’ve managed to integrate exercise and other health-improving habits into my schedule, the same as many others do each and every day.

note: that word “integrate” is key!

And get this, I’ve managed to do this for most of my life. Sure, it was easier when I was younger and had less responsibilities, but even as my workload and stress-load has increased in recent years, I’ve managed to keep my actions [mostly] in line with my priorities (ever heard of those?). No, I haven’t gotten everything perfect and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but I’ve stayed the course and have kept moving forward despite the challenges and setbacks, among other things.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you, and in particular, why you don’t “have time for all of that.” I’d really like to know.

You see, based on my experience, these are six of the most common reasons why most people supposedly don’t have enough time for exercise. And many of them are not what you’d expect.
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Interview with Navy SEAL, Stew Smith, about Pull-up Training

Learn a Navy SEAL’s go-to Methods for Quickly and Efficiently Improving Pull-up Performance for a Physical Fitness Test

Stew Smith Pull-ups

Veteran Navy SEAL Lieutenant, Stew Smith.

Whether you’re in the military, law enforcement, the firefighting community, or another physically-demanding vocation – or you want to be – this interview is chock-full of tips and strategies to help you improve your pull-up performance in preparation for a Physical Fitness Test (PFT).

Maybe you’re just hoping to pass your PT test or perhaps you want to compete with the best of the best in the Navy SEALs. Regardless, if you want to improve your pulling strength and gain the ability to do more pull-ups with ease, you’ll learn some advanced yet simple training strategies from this interview with veteran Navy SEAL, Stew Smith.

Funny story. Stew actually wrote the first fitness program I ever followed. It was his book, Maximum Fitness: The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Cross Training. I used that program back when I was in high school as my primary workout system for about three years, while I was a cadet in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. This was the first time I had ever stuck with a comprehensive training program over the long term, and I got superb results from it.

I actually went and dug up my old training journal notes (yes, I STILL have them), and here’s how my PT numbers improved after just the first 13 weeks on Stew’s program, which was a calisthenics-focused phase (note: I didn’t have exact figures for my starting points):

-Pull-ups – started at 6-7 sloppy reps, after 3 months…31 reps!
-Pushups – started at 25ish reps, after 3 months…110 reps in 2 minutes!
-Sit-ups – started at 30-40ish reps, after 3 months…120 in 2 minutes!
-Ab Crunches – started at 40-50ish reps, after 3 months…220 in 2 minutes!

Needless to say, a few months on one of Stew’s programs was enough to get me ready to ace my Sea Cadet PFTs!
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