How To Take Massive Action On Your Fitness Goals

3 Things I’ve Learned About Taking Action on Your Health and Fitness Goals

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The whole point of this blog is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. I like to write, but I don’t write this blog because it makes me feel good. I write it to help you. And quite honestly, I’m still surprised that there are people out there who enjoy reading this, and that I actually have subscribers. I’m certainly not the most brilliant person out in the fitness world. But if I do have one thing going for me – that I hope comes through in my content – and it’s that I care. I really, truly want to help you succeed. That’s why I do this.

And so, today, I’m going to have a little heart-to-heart, Sifferman-style. You see, when I’m not on the Internet – out in “real life” – people would probably describe me as a somewhat reserved person. By nature, I’m usually a man of few words, but I tend to get a lot more blabby when you put a keyboard in front of me.

Not today.

Today, I’m going to tell you a few things I’ve learned so that you can begin to take more action on your health and fitness goals this year. I’ve found that this knowledge, while very simple, can make all the difference. And so, rather than giving you 101 tips to take action, I thought I’d just focus on three of the biggies so that, hopefully, you can internalize them. So, here they are.
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The Best Posts of 2014

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Can you believe another year has come and gone? Let me tell you, the older I get, the faster time seems to fly. And with the growing legion of Siffer-kids, it seems to fly at the speed of light.

As I’ve done in the past, this year, I’ve collected some […]

Earth Runners Minimalist Sandals Review – First Impressions

My First Impressions of the Earth Runners Minimalist Huarché Sandals for (Almost) Barefoot Running, Walking, Hiking, and More!

Not too long ago, Mike from Earth Runners contacted me to see if I would review some of his minimalist sandals. I said sure. So, he sent me a pair of their Circadian X model with a leather bedding, conductive inserts, and leather laces – plus a set of Tabi Wool Socks since I mentioned it’s starting to get cold up here in New England.

Earth Runners Review - tabi wool socksThey arrived a few days later and I started putting them through the paces. Mike asked me if I could write something up before the holidays. And I said that I could offer my “first impressions” since I’d prefer more time to thoroughly evaluate a new set of footwear before writing a comprehensive review. So, here’s what I learned over the past two months or so.

-When they arrived, the instructions were very clear and it was easy to adjust the laces to fit properly. The locking buckle was easy-peasy. So, no problems in that department.

-I noticed that there was a short break-in period. And by that, I mean that my feet were achy within 15 minutes of standing in them. I wasn’t too surprised since I rarely wear footwear in the warmer months. I also noticed that in the beginning, my heels had a tendency to slide inward on the sandal – almost coming off – whether barefoot or wearing the socks. This was only an issue for a few days.

-The first full day that I wore them out and about town, I ended up going on an unexpected hike in the rain (that’s how we roll). It was soaking wet, and we were hiking through dirt, stone, and lot’s of leaves. I learned that when the Earth Runners get wet, the leather footbed – while normally quite comfortable – gets very slippery, especially on non-flat grades. I’m not sure which was worse in this regard, the Earth Runners or Xero Shoes I reviewed in the past. But regardless, these are not the most secure sandal for wet hikes on varied terrain and grades. I’ve only tried a few different pairs of huarché sandals, but I suspect that this is a pretty common issue with this style of footwear.
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25 Tips on How to Lift Heavy Weights Safely

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Lifting heavy weights is risky business. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could encounter all kinds of problems. And even if you do know what you’re doing, you’re not necessarily off the hook either. You could pull, strain, or tear a muscle. You could tear cartilage or hyper-extend a joint. You could throw out your back, or any number of other things that will leave you hurt, injured, and feeling and performing lousy – or worse. And the heavier you go, the riskier it becomes.

Fortunately, there are many ways to mitigate the risks. And with the right combination of factors, you can all but eliminate them. In fact, that’s a cornerstone of health-first fitness – minimizing problems so that you can maximize your results over the long term. Because what good is it if you’re always experiencing setbacks and getting hurt?

So, here are 25 tips on how to lift heavy weights safely. Apply these to your own lifting and you’ll drastically reduce the risk of problems.
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9 Fitness Tips For Brand New Parents

How To Stay Fit When You Have a New Baby In The House

I got a message the other day from a regular reader who was wondering if I had any advice for those who want to stay healthy and active with a newborn baby in the house. As you can see in the screenshot below, I gave him 3 tips in exactly 140 characters.

fitness tips for new parents

But you didn’t think I’d leave him hanging like that? Not ol’ blabbermouth, John! You see, I’ve got a few kiddos of my own, and I know that a few bullet points delivered in less than 140 characters may not exactly cut it. So today, I’m going to expand a little bit on those responses.

Granted, my advice will vary from person to person – and this post is mostly geared for new Dads – but here is some general advice that will apply to most new parents.
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