5 Stair Training Exercises: get a workout when traveling in your hotel stairwell (or any stairwell)

Here is a quick video my training partner, Kyle Battis, and I shot in our hotel stairwell in Stamford, CT. We went to a fitness professional conference a few weeks ago, and decided to exercise every morning before the seminar … Continued

Q+A: How to get Six Pack Abs by John Sifferman

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By far, one of the most common questions I receive is how to get great abs. Having a six-pack is considered one of the hallmark achievements by most people. It makes perfect sense that time and time again, great abs … Continued

Practice vs Training: the key to unlimited gains in strength and fitness

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Would you like to know my exact system for ensuring I make consistent and unlimited gains in strength and fitness? It’s pretty simple, but definitely different from the norm. The term “unconventional” strikes a cord when I think about my … Continued

Sophisticating Pushups with Elbow Rotation by John Sifferman

Most people progress in their strength training program by increasing the load that they are using, or altering variables such as frequency, duration, intensity, volume, etc. What most people neglect is the inherent need for the body to learn more … Continued

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