Video Tutorial: Bodyweight Lunge Exercise Variations by John Sifferman

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I just had a killer strength training session with my training partner, Kyle Battis, and we filmed a video about one of the best exercises for your legs – the bodyweight lunge. We go over many different variations of this … Continued

Most Powerful Training Tool: Video Demo From an Underground Strength Coach

Today I have a special offer for you from a friend of mine, Zach Even-Esh – an underground strength coach in New Jersey whom I just spent a weekend with at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp in CT. (it was nice … Continued

Dumbbell Swing Tutorial Video – One Super-Versatile Exercise That Can Boost Your Progress Immediately

If I only had one dumbbell and needed to reach a strength training goal, the dumbbell swing would be one of my exercises of choice. This weight training exercise is very simple and yet powerfully effective at eliciting a positive … Continued

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