Introducing Recuper8: Prevent Pain and Injury by Restoring Mobility With This FREE Program

Not too long ago, one of my coaches, Scott Sonnon, released a free fitness program called Recuper8 that was designed to prevent and alleviate the aches, pains, and injuries that are suffered by those in service-related vocations: military personnel, law … Continued

Why Doing 3 Sets of 10 is DEAD

Introducing the Escalating Intensity Strategy to Help You Squeeze Every Little Bit of Benefit Out of Only 3 Sets of Work For 21st Century Results Please tell me you haven’t been doing three sets of ten reps in your training … Continued

Clubbell Flow Evolution – Workout Session

The Clubbell Flow Evolution is the third installment in the clubbell evolution training series by Founder of Dare to Evolve and CST Head Coach, Shane Heins. I’ve used and reviewed the prior two programs before: Clubbell Mass Evolution and Clubbell … Continued

My Top 5 Favorite Pullup and Chinup Workouts

5 Complete Pullup and Chinup Workouts to Help You Build Muscle, Increase Your Strength, and Skyrocket Your Numbers I’ve written about pullup training many times before (see links below), and even published a complete 3 month pullup training program that … Continued

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