Clubbell Flow Evolution – Workout Session

The Clubbell Flow Evolution is the third installment in the clubbell evolution training series by Founder of Dare to Evolve and CST Head Coach, Shane Heins. I’ve used and reviewed the prior two programs before: Clubbell Mass Evolution and Clubbell Hero Evolution and have been quite impressed – even with my high expectations. Based on my first impressions, the Clubbell Flow Evolution will live up to its reputation and maybe even exceed them.

Shane is a friend of mine and he was kind enough to send me the same materials that he sent over to his beta-testers for his upcoming program. So, I basically got an inside look at the goods – at least the program design portion of the product itself. Over the last several weeks, I’ve given it a fairly thorough look-see, and have tried out a few of the sessions to get a feel for it. So far, I’m quite impressed!

I’m short on time today, but I did manage to film a quick round out of the strength endurance cycle while I was training recently, and I wanted to get it up for you prior to the official product release.

This is one round of the work portion of a session from the strength endurance cycle out of Clubbell Flow Evolution. Enjoy!

Clubbell Flow Evolution – Workout Session

Again, that was just one round of three, and it is meant to be preceded by a workout-specific warmup and followed by an exercise-specific cooldown. It’s really quite an exhaustive program and a deeper evolution of Shane’s work. I’m looking forward to bringing you my complete product review. It’s looking like it will hopefully be ready by tomorrow (5/4/2012). Stay tuned!

Click Here to Check Out the Clubbell Flow Evolution

More Information

And while you’re waiting, feel free to check out some of the sample workouts and other info about Shane’s programs.

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8 Responses

  1. Jeanne Gostnell

    Hey John,
    Looking good! Nice video and great explanation of what Shane is going for with these programs, which from the segment I test are not only awesome, but fun (in that twisted, clubbell-loving sort of way).

  2. John (aka Wish I Were Riding)

    What weight is that? I got one of his programs through you and 2 10lbs clubbells through you as well. I haven’t been good about doing the program. I was mostly disappointed only in that most of the exercises were two handed, which made me feel like I should have just bought a single…

    • Yeah, it’s tough to make it work with just a couple clubbells, but I think you made the right choice getting a pair – more versatile in the long run. I spent a few years building up my collection, and all I need to fill in now is a 35 lber.

      PS – I’m using a 25 lber in the video

  3. Kevin Dougherty

    As always, and again, thank Mr. Sifferman for this preview of Shane’s newest, and no doubt, great program. John, it’s been a number of reviews that pushed me off fence-sitting re: various programs (Warrior and Survival come to mind). It’s not that am fence-sitting regarding the efficacy of these awesome CST/Tacfit programs, but I’m working class with a family to provide for, but have always seen these, in many ways inexpensive in their longevity and results, programs as an inclusion into my family life (my health for one is enhanced, I’m happy and I hand them down to my teen son).
    So, now to wait to midnight for the launch.

    • It’s my pleasure, Kevin. Seriously, anything I can do to bring these programs to a wider audience, all the better. They deserve more recognition than they often receive. Your kind comments are always appreciated – thank you.

  4. Wintanclan

    Hi John,

    thank you for your instantaneous review (or in your words preview) of Shane’s new program. I – like I guess many – have discovered CST, Clubbells, Scott’s and Shane’s work through your posts. You are providing a great service to your readers as well as to the CST community.

    Here are some questions I would be glad you considered for your “full review”.

    Flow? and lighter clubbells?
    In your video I have not seen much new material that would explain the “flow” aspect in the program title. Shane’s previous programs, as well as Scott and maybe also you have focused mainly on two handed heavy clubbell work (I admit it’s also my favorite). How is this program different?

    Of course, every well constructed program has to thoroughly cover the basics to make it accessible and safe for beginners. How much of the program is attractive to those already familiar with Shane’s and Scott’s previous work?

    • Thank you for your comments and questions. I’ll keep them in mind while writing the product review, which will be published asap today. Stay tuned!

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