Clubbells: Not Just For Grip Strength and Shoulder Mobility

It happens to every true clubbell athlete at some point. No one can avoid it forever. For me, it happened at the local YMCA in the weight training room two years ago. I was working out in the free weights section, tucked in a corner where, hopefully, nobody would bother me. Alas, my efforts to remain anti-social did not succeed for long. I had brought a pair of 15 lb clubbells with me that day, which I brought to the gym regularly, and was performing my usual routine with them.

Then it happened. Despite my lack of proximity and the scowl that appeared on my face as he approached, he started his long journey from all the way across the free weights section. Picture a guy in his mid-20’s who has been training for years, but hasn’t managed to change at all. He’s cocky, and naturally, he’s also a know-it-all – despite his apparent lack of progress (25 lb curls anyone?). His pace was steady, and eyes, hungry. I tried not to make eye contact in hopes that my awkward presence would detour him to the hip adductor machine. It was no use. He walked right up to me, nearly getting his pimpled face impaled by a 15 lb clubbell traveling at the speed of light. And what does he do? He just stands there and stares at me for a moment, with an almost satisfied look on his face.

“Nothing to see here – no tricks today,” I thought as I stared back into his inquisitive eyes. Then it happened. He opened his mouth and revealed his true incompetence when he said with a sinister smirk, “Hey man, those bats look great for shoulders.”

Knowing full-well the implications of this ludicrous statement, I cringed at the thought of how I would respond and instinctively gripped my clubbells until my knuckles whitened. This was in part an instinctive move for self-defense purposes and also to avoid a massive forehead-slap that would have broken the sound barrier and dropped everyone in the room like flies – bodies falling into an immediate comatose state.

After I had taken a deep breath and suppressed the surge of adrenaline in my veins, I looked him directly in the eyes and said what any self-respecting clubbell athlete would say, “Yeah, you got that right buddy.” And immediately, I started swinging my clubbells again, at which he chuckled and went back to whatever he was doing before.

Now, I think I dissolved the situation pretty well, and most importantly, nobody got hurt. But had I been as clever as my good friend, Shane Heins, a fellow clubbell athlete and expert instructor, then I might have responded like this…

Clubbell Training – More Than Meets The Eye

Note: For those who are not yet familiar with clubbells, this will help you get an idea of the total cumulative training effect that clubbell training – done properly – can have on the body. In particular, note that the vast majority of exercises are actually driven by the legs and hips, channeled through the core, and extended down the arms and into the clubbell. So much for clubbells being just for grip strength and shoulder mobility.

Yep. I think Shane put the nail in the coffin with this one. By now, it should be obvious that clubbells were created to train the whole body – not just the arms and shoulders. They can be used for improving shoulder mobility, and should be, but this is only one area where the clubbell excels. Naturally, they are excellent tools for improving grip strength, and probably unequaled by any other strength training tool that I’ve ever used. But their real value is for training the whole body to strengthen dynamic movement skills in all three planes of movement and in all six degrees of freedom. I’ve been using clubbells for nearly 5 years now, and they’re still a major part of my training arsenal and will continue to be in the future.

If you haven’t given clubbells a try yet, and you want to learn more about them, then check out my comprehensive review on the clubbell training tool here: The Complete Clubbell Review – Everything you ever wanted to know about clubbells – the world’s best club swinging tool for strength training.

I also wanted to tell you that Shane has recently just launched a killer website and is giving away a free PDF report with some great tips for lifestyle transformation. I highly recommend that you follow what this man is doing. Check out his site and sign up for his newsletter at Dare to Evolve. He’s got some great clubbell training programs available for sale, too.

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  1. nice video

    • Yeah, Shane is the man. Check out his Youtube archives and sign up for his channel for more good stuff.

  2. Jerry Cagle

    Well done and well said…

  3. Great vid and article!
    I did my first Mod day from Wolverine Metcon today (CBHE) awesome program by Shane. Loving it :)

    • Glad to hear you’re liking it, James. I hear Shane has got some more good stuff in the works, too…

  4. James Lewis

    Ah excellent! I did wonder if he was cooking something up, great news, thanks John

  5. This looks like fun, I am a big believer in keeping workouts to a high level of fun and enjoyment.

  6. You sound like such a snob, I bet by now that guy is more jacked than you

  7. I had clubbells in the house for 8 yrs and never really used them (mainly trained with kettlebells), and recently started training with them. I cannot believe the whole body training effect. Seems like you’ve got to work with them to understand. They take workouts to a new level. I’m hooked.

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